The Bliss of a Hassle-Free Vending Machine

AmeriKiosks state-of-the-art automated systems/kiosks offer:

  • An internal system featuring real-time inventory control and the creation of precise daily and monthly reports.
  • A modern, innovative, and attractive system which displays any product regardless of its shape, size or presentation, avoiding the need to repackage.
  • The ability to accept discount codes through the purchase screen or built-in barcode reader.
  • A system of photosensors capable of monitoring the entire product delivery process – the software processes the charge only when the sensor detects the product has been successfully removed from the delivery tray.
  • A large storage capacity allowing for a wide variety of product choices.

Companies like Royal Caribbean, SeaWorld, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Water Park, American Dream, Simon, GGO, Turnberry, Taubman, Westfield, JLL, FIU, UM have relied on us to satisfy their customer needs with an unprecedent convenience like AmeriKiosks.




Contactless Option

Utilizing our custom app option can allow for a completely contactless transaction for the customer. Kiosks are completely independent, require no employees and can be completely monitored remotely.


Our user interface designs look dramatic and have a simplistic natural ease of use allowing your client to quickly find the product they wish to purchase.

Tight Integration

Our Software is designed specifically for our automated kiosks giving us the ability to make modifications to the interface without affecting the hardware's functionality.


Easy to use

Our automated kiosks offer an easy access system with a touch screen where you can:

  • View our categories and wide variety of products.
  • Make individual or multiple purchases.
  • Use discounts and promo codes.


Any way you'd like to access it!

Cloud data integration, threshold notifications and alerts keep you updated on sales and inventory wherever and whenever you want it.

The online graphs allow you to track sales data, stock status, coins and bank notes entered, scheduled reboots, and internal temperature of each automated retail kiosk.