Amerikiosks: Empowering Retailers with Comprehensive Automated Retail Solutions

More than just a provider; we are partners of the retailers.


At Amerikiosks, we specialize in the sale, rental, and commercialization of cutting-edge automated systems. From software and hardware development to logistics and refill services, we offer end-to-end solutions that redefine the retail experience.

Amerikiosks Development:

  • We design and develop everything the retailer needs for an end-to-end process.
  • Our software, hardware, and reporting systems allow tracking sales 24/7.
  • The hardware and software are able to deliver products and serve the customers without the need of an employee, creating a completely unattended and secure point of sale.
  • We aesthetically develop and design the user interface from concept to completion.

Amerikiosks Management:

  • Dedicated AmeriKiosks team members will manage the program for the life of the relationship (weekly calls, quarterly business reviews, continued exploration regarding what is next for automated retail – Stay ahead of the industry!).
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Reporting, Traffic Metrics and Analytics.
  • Product vendibility testing.
  • Location Procurement for off-premises solutions.

Amerikiosks Logistics:

  • We are responsible for all machine logistics. including refilling and replenishment of product.
  • We provide around-the-clock network and tech support.
  • We provide 24/7 customer support.
  • We provide the necessary training.

Amerikiosk Refill/Replenishment Services:

  • Timely Refills: We ensure uninterrupted service by promptly restocking your vending machines.
  • Customized Schedules: We tailor refill schedules to match your specific business needs.
  • Inventory Management: We efficiently manage inventory levels to minimize downtime and maximize sales potential.
  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Beyond refills, we conduct routine maintenance to keep machines in optimal working condition.

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Branding and Design:

  • We develop the branding and design on the boxes based on your desired outcomes.

Explore Your Retail Potential with Amerikiosk Rentals

Welcome to Amerikiosk Rentals, your gateway to confidently piloting automated retail concepts. Our rental service is designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to test innovative ideas, mitigate risks, and embrace the future of automated retail.

Why Rent an Amerikiosk?

Pilot with Confidence: Renting an Amerikiosk allows you to test your automated retail concept in a real-world setting without the commitment of a long-term investment. It's the perfect way to gauge customer response, fine-tune your strategy, and ensure your concept resonates with your target audience.

Mitigate Risk: We understand the importance of minimizing risk when exploring new ventures. Our rental model provides flexibility, enabling you to assess the viability of your automated retail concept before making a significant financial commitment.

Multiple Models Available: Choose from a diverse range of Amerikiosk models to align with your specific business requirements. Whether you need a compact kiosk for high-traffic areas or a larger unit for a comprehensive product display, we have the right model for you.

Flexible Terms: Tailor your rental experience to suit your business timeline. Our flexible terms range from short-duration agreements, starting at just 6 months, to extended leases spanning 5 years or more. We believe in providing you with the freedom to adapt as your business evolves.

What We Provide

More than just a provider; we are partners of the retailers:


Software and Hardware Development


Aesthetic Design User Interface Development


User Interface Development


Supply Chain Management


Network Monitoring


24/7 Tech Support




Machine Logistics


24/7 Customer Support


Reporting, traffic metrics and Analytics